the Tooth Fairy and her valiant collecting efforts

A woman I work with asked me a couple of months ago to make one of my monkey-banana Tooth Fairy pillows for her.

banana pillowHer grandson had a wobbly tooth and she thought he’d like that particular pillow.  I started working on it and of course my old machine started jamming up right in the middle and I couldn’t finish it.  Though I’ve enjoyed making many pieces on that machine, I decided it might be time to think about looking for something more reliable (ie: something that didn’t chew up and spit out fabric every time I sewed), but that’s really a whole different story.  The upshot is that two weeks ago I bought a brand-new machine that I love and so I finished the pillow which had been languishing for at least a month.

In the meantime, the boy had lost his first tooth but it was okay (sort of) because he swallowed it, apparently causing him a great deal of alarm and concern that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t visit, but not otherwise harming him.  And he was placated with Tooth Fairy explanations and descriptions of the pillow-to-be, so thank goodness I happened to bring it in the next day (not having heard about any of this).

I’m glad to say that my colleague’s grandson lost another tooth that very same night (this time outside of his mouth), so the timing was great!  She came by today to report that he sleeps with the pillow, loves putting the banana in and taking it out of the pocket, and took it to school for Show & Tell.

A happy customer for me and a fine addition to the Tooth Fairy’s collection!  Where do you think she keeps all those teeth?