It took a long time to get to work today. I guess it’s because we homeschool our daughter, but it didn’t occur to me that the school year would bring exponentially more cars to the road. I got a little spoiled during the summer; the bus and subway rides were so much shorter!

I miss the walking commutes I had in my last few jobs. It was a very different, very pleasant, way of traveling through time. Sometimes it was quite cold, but I was never crammed into an uncomfortable, lurching hunk of metal with dozens of strangers. Not that there can’t be some camaraderie at times.

The other night I got off the subway (no misadventures – we didn’t get stuck in the tunnel that night) and onto the first bus with Leadfoot. He’s a driver I suffer frequently and I think my nickname – well, enough said. I got off the bus to stop at the grocery store, and so got on a second bus which was driven by a man who must be Leadfoot’s son. I’d never met him before but his style was quite similar to Leadfoot’s except with quite a bit more oomph and energy, as you might expect from an acorn that didn’t fall far from the Leadfoot tree. Every time he hit the brakes everyone on the bus swayed vigorously forward and back. Several of us exchanged somewhat nervous smiles and then went back to our little cocoons. But for a moment there we shared something special.