About Four Hens

Self-portrait at home on September 4, 2016. Photo by Hannah Loomis.

I’m Hannah Loomis, the person behind Four Hens Design.  I love to make things: this site features some of my graphic design work, photography and video, and pieces I’ve designed and made in fabric.  I’m currently pursuing a Masters of Liberal Arts in Digital Media Design from Harvard University Extension School.

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hannah.s.loomis [at] gmail.com



Why Four Hens?

photo of hens

Once we had four hens named Pretty, Daisy, Rain and Fluff, who lived in a nice little coop in our big yard in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They scratched in the dust, chased grasshoppers, stole tomatoes from the garden, jumped on the table when we ate dinner outside, and allowed our (then) little girl to carry them around. As far as we could tell they were happy chickens and we enjoyed their eggs and their antics very much.

Then we decided to move to Boston, so the hens went to a new home too, where there were other hens and nice people. That was long ago and the four hens are probably in the big coop in the sky now, but we still think of them and hope they are stealing juicy tomatoes wherever they are.

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